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Just reyt good pizza

Having grown up above a reggae blues shabine in the Sheffield, our owner, Winston Hazel, swiftly became the stereogram selecta for family and friends.

Soon enough Winston realised the satisfaction he found in gathering diverse folk through his musical passion.
40 odd years of DJing later, a desire to expand his passion for gathering people presented itself, in another disc format!

August 2020, he purchased a mobile wood fired pizza business, and saw the potential to put his mark on it. Gathering people through a shared passion for music has translated naturally to gathering folk through the love of quality food. Putting his Yorkshire spin to more than just vinyl!

New York'shire Pizza Co was born, Est. Aug 2020.

The spinning of pizza became a fulfilling experience that allowed him to bring great food into local Communities.
Centred on pub culture, festivals, private events and pretty much anywhere with an appetite. You eat, with beats as we play the music that we feel fits the dining experience.

Our pizzas are all 12-14 inches, with a thin base and crispy in form, packed to the rim with quality toppings, including locally sourced produce where possible, whiilst also giving a nod to his cultural and musical heritage in the branding and naming convention.


We focus on customer inclusion, conversation and connection. Food is more than just a full belly!

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